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Neolith Enigma Gallery | Passagen 2018, Cologne

Last January, NEOLITH® celebrated in Passagen 2018, Cologne (Germany), the event that brought together a great network of architects and designers to attend the exhibition “A Mystery Set in Stone”. For first time, the story of the ambitious and in

publish 6 marzo 2016 637

Postre de manzana de Narda Lepes (Chef y presentadora de TV argentina) cocinado sobre encimera ‪Neolith‬: 100% reciclable, natural y resistente a altas temperaturas! NEOLITH: Diseño, Durabilidad, Versatilidad, Sostenibilidad.

publish 15 febrero 2016 818
NEOLITH® Flare of Frankfurt – Passagen Exhibition Cologne 2019

Throwback to the Flare of Frankfurt Exhibition during The Passagen Design Week in Cologne (Germany) celebrated last month. An exhibition dedicated to the first ventilated facade in Germany made with Neolith® and designed by the renowned Hadi Teherani. Meanwhi

publish 6 febrero 2016 277
Neolith, one of the main materials used in ALINEA: MADRID Restaurant

Grant Achatz’ Restaurant with 3 Michelin Stars located in Chicago, offers till February 6th a unique dining experience to the European lovers of haute cuisine in Madrid.

publish 4 febrero 2016 670
Cooking with Neolith

TheSize proudly releases its new vídeo “Cooking with Neolith” conducted by 3 Chefs (Ángel Lillo, Damián Azorín y Miguel Ángel Verdejo, teachers from Catering Department of the IES Cap de l’Aljub in Spain and collaborators of the “N

publish 25 febrero 2015 45387
Cocinando con Neolith

TheSize presenta su nuevo vídeo “Cocinando con Neolith” de la mano de 3 Chefs (Ángel Lillo, Damián Azorín y Miguel Ángel Verdejo, Profesores de la Escuela de Hostelería Cap de L’Aljub de Santa Pola y colaboradores de la “Guía Gas

publish 24 febrero 2015 16139
NEOLITH – Installation Floors & Walls

TheSize proudly releases its new vídeo of “Neolith Installation Floors & Walls”. Now available on the website

publish 18 febrero 2015 10685
NEOLITH TESTING: Impact Resistance Test

Neolith Impact Resistance Test: Neolith, the Sintered Compact Surface developed by TheSize, is highly resistant to strong impacts. Check it in this demonstration done with a kitchen countertop of 12 mm (0,47″) thickness. Design, Durability, Versatility,

publish 10 septiembre 2014 18242
Neolith Cutting Recommendations 12 mm English

Neolith Cutting Recommendations for 12 mm thickness, using bridge saw and also CNC

publish 18 julio 2014 863

High performance countertops. It is put under pressure hitting it with a chisel, pliers and drill bit applying harsh chemicals like bleach, clr, hidro chloric acid, spaying paint and removing it with ease blow torching it.

publish 8 julio 2013 57038
NEOLITH Encimeras con el chef Tumbarello / Countertops of NEOLITH with Tumbarello

Andrea Tumbarello, cocinero de talla mundial, probando las mejores encimeras de cocina del mercado. Andreas Tumbarello, one of the best chef is using the best market kitchen countertops.

publish 8 julio 2013 5759
NEOLITH Encimeras con el chef Ricardo Sanz

Ricardo Sanz pone a prueba la encimera de cocina NEOLITH, haciendo sushi directamente sobre ella.

publish 8 julio 2013 2606

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