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Virtual Rendezvous with Neolith® – The Designer’s Sense and Sensibility


The company Neolith®, which produces Sintered Stone, is organising this event in a series of roundtables in different countries. The aim of these roundtables is to learn from the immediate situation we each find ourselves in currently, and begin to analyse together how the future of social and public life might unfold.There are new pressures on the way we use our homes, and challenges to using the physical spaces outdoors. As we begin to reuse schools, shops and workplaces yet more physical and social challenges will emerge. We will debate the responses in architecture, interior design and urban development in the short and medium-term.

We will first introduce ourselves and discuss how well we are handling new living and working from home situations in our own practices, and what approach we will advocate to those we will be advising on using space, based on health, social, environmental and other aspects. What solutions are architects looking at? What are the property and real estate implications in a world that is rapidly being converted to virtual events and online activities?. We trust that, together, we can contribute some positive analytical thoughts in order to find answers for the future. As this has not yet been covered, we will also look at the retail future.

The designers' Sense and Sensibility:

We did not expect that the opening of 2020 will be dominated by the epidemic, and the original
Happy New Year will become a holiday of anxiety and panic. In this situation, everyone will start
to pay attention to life, health and safety.

This gives us more thinking. How should we pay more attention to health and safety? How to find
breakthroughs and opportunities during the epidemic? How to create a new life in the future?
This period of Three Designers, which the theme is "The designers' Sense and Sensibility" draws
on the vision of the three female designers to see the beauty of aesthetics and explore the truth of

Yu Ying

The Founder of Design Club (Jiangnan Mingshihui) & Design YRD (Design) Jiangnan
Chief Editor of "HOME Italia" of Greater China.

She was worked for as the editor-in-chief of the designer, and has been working in the design circle for 20 years. She have interviewed countless famous designers and artists, and held various design-related study tours, forums, salons, and awards, such as "Sohu Focus Award" and "D-STAR Design "Star".

The design club--Jiangnan Mingshihui, which was founded by her in 2012. As a media for Jiangnan Design and with outstanding interior designers as the core, currently it has series programs with "Three Designers", "Design Private Banquet", "Exploration Series", "Special Custom Activities"etc. As an energetic former senior media person and current entrepreneur, she has always insisted on "slowly and steadily develop in the unique way, making voice for the design circle with her strength, and working hard to help design!"

Hu Youliu

Hu Youliu is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Willow Design (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd, the
senior interior designer of International Building Decoration Interior Design Association and the permanent director of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association.

Main Achievement: The Neolith Showroom (China Operation Center), Jialiang Holding Group Co. LTD Vanke PuYueShan, Shenzhen Qianhai East Coast
China Resources City · Runfu phase II.

Liu Heng

The founder of Shanghai T.H Decoration&Design Co., LtdThe Deputy Secretary General of China Interior Decoration Association Furnishing Art
Professional Committee

Main Achievement: Shanghai Mingyuan Forest City·Die Cuiyuan, Zhonghai Yunlu Lidie Villa, Rongxin Century Jiangwan Project, Wuhan OCT Original Shore Eco-House Lobby, Midea State Guest House.

Ren Cui

The founder of 1/10 Design Company Limited, China's outstanding young interior designer.

Main Achievement: Hangzhou Santianzhu Tea Room, Beijing Yuanzhou Office, Oriental Run Garden.