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Tertulias de andar por casa with Neolith® – Hong Kong – 01


The company Neolith®, which produces Sintered Stone, is organising this event in a series of roundtables in different countries. The aim of these roundtables is to learn from the immediate situation we each find ourselves in currently, and begin to analyse together how the future of social and public life might unfold.There are new pressures on the way we use our homes, and challenges to using the physical spaces outdoors. As we begin to reuse schools, shops and workplaces yet more physical and social challenges will emerge. We will debate the responses in architecture, interior design and urban development in the short and medium-term.

We will first introduce ourselves and discuss how well we are handling new living and working from home situations in our own practices, and what approach we will advocate to those we will be advising on using space, based on health, social, environmental and other aspects. What solutions are architects looking at? What are the property and real estate implications in a world that is rapidly being converted to virtual events and online activities?. We trust that, together, we can contribute some positive analytical thoughts in order to find answers for the future. As this has not yet been covered, we will also look at the retail future.

COVID 19 Impact, Adapting to a new lifestyle

HK daily life:

Do you remember how was your life before Covid started?, How were the first days when Covid hit HK in January?, Current situation. How are you now?, Control measures and solutions (HK as an example), Social distancing (before/after), In terms of public areas such as restaurant; cinema; sports centre relevant control in this situation, do you have any ideas architecture / design wise to improve and keep citizens safe, Do you have any out of the box ideas of what the future may look like? For example. No opening doors/hygienic materials.

Working from home:

What has been the big difference between working home and in the office?, Did you find that staying at home was more inspirational?, Materials/air circulation, Office design trends?, Multifunction/flexibility/cen tral air conditioning.

Impact in architectural design industry:

The impact of architectural & design industry?,Do you think customers demands will change?, Which are the main concerns of the population?, What are those challenges according customers demands and market?, Are there any new arising opportunities for architects and designers?

Qiannan Hua

Greater China Business Development Manager

IG: @neolithasiapacific

Emma Maclean

Emma Maclean is an award winning interior designer based in Hong Kong, specialising in commercial, hospitality, office and residential projects across Asia Pacific.

Growing up in a famiy of architects and designers, emma was exposed to the world of design from a young age.
Upon graduating with a bachelor of interior architecture from University Technology Sidney, Emma returned to Hong Kong to begin her career in interior design.

She has an extensive background and has held senior positions at renowned firms specialising in high-end hospitality and commercial designs such as, BLD, Steve Leung Designers and HBA.
In 2018, Emma launched her own interior design practice, Em Besposke.

Each project is meticulously designed.
With tailor-mader solutions, to create beautiful, functional and luxurious inteior. Emma takes great poride in fostering relationships with her clients throughout the design process, to realise the design of their dreams.
IG: @agirlinhongkong

Raffaella Bernasconi

Raffaella Bernasconi (1975), an Italian Senior Interior Architect. Graduated at Milan’s Polytechnic in 2003, she opened her own interior design studio in Italy and she gathered a very broad experience designing residential projects and retail stores all around the world.

From Europe she then decided to bring her expertise design eyes into the Asian market. She arrived in Hong Kong in March 2014. She worked as a Senior Architect for DOID Ltd company in HK, doing luxury residential projects. From 2015 until 2017 she collaborated with different architectural companies in Hong Kong like Enzyme Apd and Parallel Lab as an independent architect, interior designer. From 2017 until now she is a founder and director of Bernasconi Design Ltd.

She’s a qualified professional Interior Architect with long and proven experience for planning, managing, design and renovating projects from concept to building. Her familiarity with famous design brands and her strong attitude to select furniture, materials and colours for the customer are what make her still passionate at her job.

IG: @archilella

Valeria Pola

Valeria is Italian and she has a master's degree in Product Design at the renowned Politecnico of Milan University.

After working for a few product design studios in Milan, she decided to moveto  Hong Kong, where she spent her last 8+ years working for some international design studios such as HBA, Sean Dix and Benoy, designing, managing teams and creating stunning projects around Asia for luxury brands such as Mandarin Oriental, Grand Hyatt, Intercontinental...

In 2019 she decided to open her own business, her lifetime dream: a creative multidisciplinary design studio with a focus on hospitality and F&B projects. Having her background in product design, Valeria is very detail-oriented and she loves to create bespoke projects and furniture for her clients.

Valeria can count some international design rewards as a Red Dot, Conde Naste travelers Hot 100 list and 40under40 Perspective Award.
IG: @pola_zanoni