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Tertulias de andar por casa with Neolith® – Italy – 01

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The company Neolith®, which produces Sintered Stone, is organising this event in a series of roundtables in different countries. The aim of these roundtables is to learn from the immediate situation we each find ourselves in currently, and begin to analyse together how the future of social and public life might unfold.There are new pressures on the way we use our homes, and challenges to using the physical spaces outdoors. As we begin to reuse schools, shops and workplaces yet more physical and social challenges will emerge. We will debate the responses in architecture, interior design and urban development in the short and medium-term.

We will first introduce ourselves and discuss how well we are handling new living and working from home situations in our own practices, and what approach we will advocate to those we will be advising on using space, based on health, social, environmental and other aspects. What solutions are architects looking at? What are the property and real estate implications in a world that is rapidly being converted to virtual events and online activities?. We trust that, together, we can contribute some positive analytical thoughts in order to find answers for the future. As this has not yet been covered, we will also look at the retail future.


Locked up inside our homes, we appreciated its protective power, but we also discovered its limits and inadequacies. We have reaffirmed its centrality and importance in our lives, but we have also been forced to reflect on our new lifestyles and our changing needs. Some trends, which had been working for a long time now, became evident and amplified during the lockdown due to Covid-19, and today they are evident and urgent.

Transformations, therefore, that lead us to new reflections on what it will entail redesigning our homes to make them fit for our new lives.

During this appointment we will try to understand what the new needs of those who live in the house are, both from a sociological point of view and from the point of view of the project and expanding the range of action, what this also entails from an urban planning point of view.

Daniela Dirceo

Daniela Dirceo, professional journalist, has been dealing with architecture, design and sustainability for years, themes that she now considers to be her favorite. She graduated in Genoa, his hometown, in Modern Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, then moved to Milan to pursue the dream of becoming a journalist. She enters the School of Specialization in Social Communications of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, where he obtains her master's and internship. She became a professional journalist in 1993.

In the meantime she collaborated as a reporter with Il Giorno, Il Giornale, La Voce, Panorama Economy. She deals with new media and new technologies and their impact on society as head of service at Gruppo Editoriale Agepe. Then Editor in Chief at the 24 Ore Group, responsible for the Content Factory editorial staff. She also oversaw the creation of necklaces of books published by the 24 Ore Group such as: The Guides of the Gastronaut by Davide Paolini; the Plus 24 Books in collaboration with the editorial staff of Plus 24, The lawyer in your pocket; The books of The Expert answers, Master 24, Sales Academy. Also for the 24 Ore Group, since 2009 she has also been involved in the realization of the magazine How to renovate the House, as editor-in-chief, to then become its director in 2014.

She was Lecturer Professor at the Polytechnic of Milan, Faculty of Industrial Design, course degree in sociology of cultural and communication processes, teaching Media Culture.

Marco Piva

Marco Piva, graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan, works in Italy and worldwide for architectural projects, interior and industrial design, gaining several prizes and awards.

The effort in material research and technology, the value of differentiation, the design innovation, the contamination and innovation, give rise to a prolific activity, one of the most representiative of the italian architecture.

A traveller and a designer, an innovator who is educated in rational approaches, Marco Piva studies and creates design solutions which are pervaded by stylistic freedom, funtionality and emotion.

In Osaka, he participated to the design of the innovative complex Next 21, in Dubai he designed the complexs Oceana and Tiara. He  realized the Laguna Palace in Mestre, the Port Palace in Montecarlo, Hotel Mirage in Kazan, Una Hotel in Bologna, T Hotel in Cagliari, DoubleTree in Mogliano Veneto, the multifuctional complex Le Terrazze in Treviso, the prestigious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan (several international awards), the Pantheon Iconic Hotel in Rome and La Suite in Matera. He designed the worldwide concept of the display cabinet of Bulgari and the lounge for Alitalia.

The latest developments of his studies are related to urban masterplan in Chiana, the complex Lamborghini Tower in Chengdu, private villas in Beverly Hills, Shanghai, Melbourne, Accra, Dubai and Mosca, the design for the residential complex Principe in Milan, the recovery of historical building in Milan, Venice and Shanghai, as well as the product design for the most renowed Italian brands.
IG: @studiomarcopiva

Paola Caniglia

Paola Caniglia, sociologist, immediately after her graduation she founded in Naples, ITER was a precursor of the start up with the aim of pursue social economic research, in Italy and worldwide for more than 20 years.

After she moved to Milan, in 2005 was hired in Doxa as Business Unit Retail manager and was introduced a new approach to Mystery Shopping (immediate success with several brands in different commodities sectors). In 2017 she created “Casa Doxa”, an observatory born from a simple observation: the lack of the demand pint of view in a sector, such as that of the house, which has always been the driving force and engine of the economy.

CasaDoxa is a multiclient product, purchased by numerous real estate companies, utilities, furniture, fitness, entertainment, as well as banks and insurance companies. With the entry of Doxa into the international BVA group, CasaDoxa has replicated itself in Great Britain as the Voice of Residents and in France as BVAHome, thus acquiring a European dimension.

Barbara Pernpruner

Born in Italy , she has more than 25 years of experience in interior architecture and design.

In 1994 she joined Paolo Favole studio and worked in Urban Planning until 1998 when she joined BBPR Architects working on Museums Architecture and Restoration, closely following the design of the Weapons Room of the  Sforzesco  Castle in Milano and the Restoration of Milano Royal Palace.

Since 2000 she has been managing a design studio in Milano focused on the Restoration of apartments, houses and on the project of commercial spaces. In the last few years she also focused on tables and lighting design. She has been working in Milan, London, Sardinia and in recent years in Aosta Valley renovation of houses and mountain chalets.

She has always been passionate about Urban Planning and she likes to think about public spaces because they are the most "democratic" part of architecture, the one that everyone can enjoy and that everyone can afford.

In 2018 she also founded LABORA.CLICK the first part time work platform for students in Italy, to contribute to the growth of young people in her country.

Cecilia Hugony

Graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic and master's degree in urban management at the Polytechnic of Barcelona, ​​Cecilia has grown professionally for 15 years abroad, between Spain and France. She has also worked as a designer and researcher in international cooperation projects in South America and North Africa. She has 15 scientific publications in 4 languages.

Since 2014 she has been CEO of Teicos and has specialized in energy efficiency of buildings. She is coordinator of the Renovate Italy think tank and member of the innovation committee of ANCE and FIEC.

Teicos is a construction company that has been active in building renovation for 25 years. Since 2013 she has bet on energy requalification, with an investment plan of 15% of his turnover in innovation and the construction of an internal energy engineering division. She promoted projects of excellence in Milan for which he received several prizes and awards.