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Tertulias de andar por casa with Neolith® – Italy – 04


The company Neolith®, which produces Sintered Stone, is organising this event in a series of roundtables in different countries. The aim of these roundtables is to learn from the immediate situation we each find ourselves in currently, and begin to analyse together how the future of social and public life might unfold.There are new pressures on the way we use our homes, and challenges to using the physical spaces outdoors. As we begin to reuse schools, shops and workplaces yet more physical and social challenges will emerge. We will debate the responses in architecture, interior design and urban development in the short and medium-term.

We will first introduce ourselves and discuss how well we are handling new living and working from home situations in our own practices, and what approach we will advocate to those we will be advising on using space, based on health, social, environmental and other aspects. What solutions are architects looking at? What are the property and real estate implications in a world that is rapidly being converted to virtual events and online activities?. We trust that, together, we can contribute some positive analytical thoughts in order to find answers for the future. As this has not yet been covered, we will also look at the retail future.


Plexiglass screens, ad hoc furnishings to allow distancing between customers, temperature measurement, disinfectant gel bottles, glass greenhouses and menu apps: there are many proposals on the plate to define the perimeter of post-Covid catering, a sector that in January 2020, just before the blockade, quantified a total turnover that, according to the annual report of the Italian Federation of Public Exercises, was around 237 billion euros.

The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic has been devastating: according to the Study Center of the Italian Federation of Public Exercises, the losses are now around 8 billion euros.Unfortunately, the same must be said for the hospitality system: according to data provided by Federalberghi, the pandemic will lead to the loss of over 305 million admissions in 2020 (-71.2% compared to 2018), with a drop in turnover of hospitality sector of almost € 17 billion (-71.4%).Lunches, aperitifs, dinners, weekends around, what had become the norm of our daily lives has disappeared within two months and if today we begin to glimpse the possibility of savoring some of these pleasures, it is not yet clear how we could do it.

This is the panorama, for a sector that asks for direct help and clear rules to be able to start again. Precisely for this reason, in our web talk we will try to imagine new scenarios to design the tomorrow of hospitality. And we will do it with the help of some professionals, starting right from a starred chef, Rosanna Marziale, who will bring us her experience as an entrepreneur during Covid and how she is organizing the restart for her facilities.

We will then deal with the theme of redefining hospitality spaces and their design with two architects, Franz Siccardi and Andrea Pierattelli. With Andrea Jarach, editor and entrepreneur and tourism manager of the Metropolitan Observatory of Milan, we will try to imagine what will be the "new normal" of the hospitality of the time to come.

Daniela Dirceo

Daniela Dirceo, professional journalist, has been dealing with architecture, design and sustainability for years, themes that she now considers to be her favorite. She graduated in Genoa, his hometown, in Modern Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, then moved to Milan to pursue the dream of becoming a journalist. She enters the School of Specialization in Social Communications of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, where he obtains her master's and internship. She became a professional journalist in 1993.

In the meantime she collaborated as a reporter with Il Giorno, Il Giornale, La Voce, Panorama Economy. She deals with new media and new technologies and their impact on society as head of service at Gruppo Editoriale Agepe. Then Editor in Chief at the 24 Ore Group, responsible for the Content Factory editorial staff. She also oversaw the creation of necklaces of books published by the 24 Ore Group such as: The Guides of the Gastronaut by Davide Paolini; the Plus 24 Books in collaboration with the editorial staff of Plus 24, The lawyer in your pocket; The books of The Expert answers, Master 24, Sales Academy. Also for the 24 Ore Group, since 2009 she has also been involved in the realization of the magazine How to renovate the House, as editor-in-chief, to then become its director in 2014.

She was Lecturer Professor at the Polytechnic of Milan, Faculty of Industrial Design, course degree in sociology of cultural and communication processes, teaching Media Culture.
IG: @daniela_dirceo

Rossana Marziale

Rosanna Marziale, from Campania, was born under the sign of Gemini. Cook at Le Colonne restaurant, Michelin Star since 2013 and a jewel in fine dining, and in San Bartolomeo Casa in Campagna. She started her career at La bomboniera, her family business. Her cuisine blends inspirations from the territory, research and tradition. She is world ambassador of the Mozzarella di Bufala campana Dop and of Caffè Molinari, but she is also a testimonial for Bosch Italia.

She has many TV appearances to her record: MasterChef Italia, La Prova del Cuoco, Uno Mattina, Linea Verde, Top Chef Italia, Cuochi e Fiamme, Chopped Italia. She has also the author of many books such as Evviva la mozzarella!, Il MangiaRime, Il nuovo MangiaRime and the menu-booklet Carta Marziale. She also starred in the cartoon La Cuoca girovaga (The wandering cook) where she travels around to discover the great Italian cuisine. In 2019, on the 60th Barbie anniversary, Mattel celebrated the women who break old patterns all over the world: the first Italian personality is Rosanna Marziale.
IG @rosannamarzialeofficial

Franz Siccardi

Franz Siccardi (born in 1964) began his training as an architect in Milan where in 1989 he graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic.   From 1989 to 1995 he collaborated with the architects Mauro Galantino, Enrico Mantero, Vittorio Gregotti and Leonardo Fiori. In 1995 he opened his own studio in Milan developing architectural design activities, in Italy and abroad, interior design for retail and food stores, offices, event spaces, structures in the hospitality and residential sector, as well as research in the field. design and urban and landscape planning.

From 2005 to 2010 in partnership with Blast Architetti he participated in numerous international projects and founded the Archistab studio with offices in Bucharest, Genoa and Milan. In 2010 he created EisDesign - consultancy for integrated architectural design - based in Switzerland. In 2018 he founded Assembly.Milano, a hub for networking, coworking and events, dedicated to professionals and companies operating in the design, art and creativity sector.
IG @assembly.milano

Andrea Pierattelli

Andrea Pierattelli was born in Bagno a Ripoli (FI) on December 14, 1984. Following classical studies, he enrolled in the faculty of architecture in Florence and began collaborating with the family studio in 2010. After graduating in 2012, he followed the development of the new Arval headquarters, an important architectural project on the outskirts of Florence.

Following this first experience, he devoted himself to the growth of the study not only nationally, but also internationally. In search of new job opportunities, he moved several times to the countries of the Middle East; he settled for a short period in Muscat (Oman), following the coordination of the architectural works in collaboration with a local company.

At the end of this period he returned to Florence to continue working at the family architecture studio. Andrea Pieratteli mainly deals with architecture and interior design projects for large companies or investment groups. Since 2019, together with his brother Claudio, he has also managed the development of the studio's product design, through collaborations with important Italian brands.
IG @pierattelli_architetture

Andrea Jarach

Andrea Jarach, is an Italian publisher and entrepreneur, founder and president of WikiMilano and Tourism manager of the Metropolitan Observatory of Milan. Expert editor of multichannel communication, (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, De Agostini, Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri), cultural animator, he followed and created very successful historical exhibitions, including Omanut 1906-2006 100 years of life and art of Israel held at the Royal Palace in Milan in the fall of 2006.

With Proedi Editore he created Destination Auschwitz in 1995, the first multimedia work on the Shoah, awarded by the European Union Commission with the Innovation Prize.As president of Where Italia srl ​​he launched the monthly Where Milan in 2010, today leader in communication to international visitors.

In 2016 he extended the publication of Where, the monthly guide to the city, to Venice.It has been operating in traditional and digital communication since 1985, since 2012 also through a significant participation in the provider Fenix ​​srl specialized in training, and Sabel Italia srl ​​(company founded in 1985), leader in Milan in the distribution of advertising material with the Welcome to Milan circuit.In 2012 he founded the Milano Loves You Cultural Association with a group of friends, with the aim of promoting Milan as an international tourist attraction. For six years the association has organized the Milan Loves You Run through which the housing houses of the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT) are financed.He is a member of the Governing Council and Scientific Committee of the Milan Metropolitan Observatory, of which he is the Tourism Manager.

Since 2015 he has been national president of Keren Hayesod Italia Onlus fund raising body for the development of society in Israel.He is a member of the Milan Arco della Pace Rotary Club. Paul Harris received an award for having actively collaborated in the spring of 2017 on the success of the “Milano dove Vai?” Initiative. He created the digital project Museo Milano and the development of Explorers and Ambassadors dedicated to children of Milanese schools in the Rotarian context with the aim of making them become active citizens and Ambassadors of Milan.
IG @where_milan