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Tertulias de andar por casa with Neolith® – South Africa – 01


The company Neolith®, which produces Sintered Stone, is organising this event in a series of roundtables in different countries. The aim of these roundtables is to learn from the immediate situation we each find ourselves in currently, and begin to analyse together how the future of social and public life might unfold.There are new pressures on the way we use our homes, and challenges to using the physical spaces outdoors. As we begin to reuse schools, shops and workplaces yet more physical and social challenges will emerge. We will debate the responses in architecture, interior design and urban development in the short and medium-term.

We will first introduce ourselves and discuss how well we are handling new living and working from home situations in our own practices, and what approach we will advocate to those we will be advising on using space, based on health, social, environmental and other aspects. What solutions are architects looking at? What are the property and real estate implications in a world that is rapidly being converted to virtual events and online activities?. We trust that, together, we can contribute some positive analytical thoughts in order to find answers for the future. As this has not yet been covered, we will also look at the retail future.

Change on design after the COVID 19

Just like the black plague ended the 100-year war between France and England, which also caused the fall for the feudalism, where nobility would hold land in exchange for labour.  Will this devastating Pandemic COVID-19 make history? Or will it be business as usual? Are we going to end up with modular off the shelf buildings? What lies ahead in the world of architecture and design?

Five professionals’ representing some of South Africa’s high end residential, commercial sector as well as schools, discuss changes already seen and what they feel possibly lies ahead for South African design post Corona.

Theo Bothma

Theo Bothma is the founder and Managing Director of Theo Bothma Architects & Design (TBAD). Theo gained experience in high-end luxury architecture and interior design and was most recently a Senior Architect and Senior Interior designer at one of the largest high-end luxury firms in Southern Africa. Here he assumed the lead design and project architect role on several diverse high end residential architecture and interior design projects with contract values up to R200m in several different countries. Theo is the head of new projects and the creative director at TBAD.

THEO BOTHMA ARCHITECTS & DESIGN explores the boundaries of technology as a tool to represent and test multiple ideas in a format that our clients can clearly understand. Our objective is to offer a return to personal relationships and craft delivering innovative, timeless and contemporary thinking design. TBAD believes in architecture that organizes, understands and gives meaning to the experiences and latest architectural concepts. TBAD’s core objective of architecture is the ability to take a fresh look at design problems and transform limitations into possibilities.

Nikita Lopes

Nikita is the director of Omni Architects based in KZN, South Africa which was founded in 2017 together with Om Moodley who has over 32 years experience in the industry. She drives a dynamic, cutting edge team who share a potent vision of design.

Nikita has a passion toward serving the community and mentoring future junior architects. Omni Architects believes in connecting architecture with nature and people. On the top of Nikita’s favourite things to do is exercise and has taken it one step further by becoming a gym instructor. Her doggies Rio and Kia are her biggest fans.

Michael Le Court

Michael is director and founder of MODA studio architects, opening the practice in 2019. A UK qualified and South African registered professional architect, Michael completed his Bachelor of honours in architecture at Brighton University in the UK in 2014, before returning to South Africa the following year.

Prior to setting up MODA, Michael was senior architect and Partner at CA Architects where he worked on projects ranging from high-end residential homes to large scale commercial developments. He has had articles published in local journals and design magazines. Michael enjoys travelling, motorcycles, outdoor life and crafting Neapolitan pizzas with his Italian fiancé.

Wynand Tromp

Professional Architect and entrepreneur, Wynand Tromp, obtained his Master’s Degree from the Tshwane University of Technology in 2013.

He soon after founded Tromp Architekten, and relocated to Cape Town, where the firm is now permanently based. From its’ inception, Tromp Architekten adopted an ethos of collaboration and association. In 2020, this ethos lead to Tromp Architekten, CAST Inc and Brazd Branding to join forces to become TROMP Studio – A hub for building/branding design and construction services.

TROMP Studio provides a holistic design service for businesses/private individuals, and has 3 divisions: TROMP Architects / TROMP Branding
/ TROMP Collab.

Aluwani Mutamani

Aluwani Mutamani is a Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motama Kitchens and Interiors. She owns 100% of Motama Kitchens and Interiors. She is a Chemical Engineer by profession and worked in the engineering industry for over 10 years.

Growing up she enjoyed re-arranging furniture in her mother’s house and most of all creating a tranquil environment. It took years before she awoke to the knowledge that interior design was her true passion and God given talent. Along her journey before discovery, she assisted friends and family to transform their spaces. In March 2018 Aluwani resigned from her profession to pursue her passion. It is her responsibility to interpret the client’s needs.

She gets actively involved from inception until handover of the completed project. In other words, she has developed a business model that offers turnkey solutions to her clients.